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Diagnostic Testing

Exams are offered in paper or virtual format. All mock exams are aligned to both nation (ACT) and state standards and include access to a student portal with remediation features. All exams are securely scored in-house through our customized testing database. Summary results by school and district are delivered within 3-weeks of test administration. Reports can be broken down into whole-group, student, subject test, and content skill reports. CAMP provides support during the testing administration to ensure consistency and alignment to ACT testing procedures.

Test Preparation

CAMP offers two formats for test preparation: Bootcamps and full-length courses. ACT bootcamps are offered over four-days in 3-hour sessions that focus on content, strategies, and student motivation. The ACT bootcamp is modified to focus on each school’s needs as made evident by the diagnostic exam. ACT bootcamps can take place after the assessment official ACT test date. The full-length course provides a minimum 15 hours of instruction. This course is designed to meet once or twice a week for up to 90 minutes each. The course typically runs for ten sessions and can be completed in one semester. All test preparation services include trained instructors, course materials, and at least one diagnostic ACT exam with scoring. Both formats can be offered during the school day or on the weekend.

Social Emotional Learning

CAMP embraces the “CASEL 5” which addresses five broad and interrelated areas of competence and highlights examples for each: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. CASEL 5 is taught and applied at various stages during the teaching and learning process to build positive relationships between students and Fellows. Lessons are designed to help students improve in their personal and school relationships.

Professional Development

CAMP offers professional development to build capacity within the school/organization and train staff how to use data to drive instruction, implement strategies into the content classroom, advise students, increase student motivation, and create a college going culture within a school. We work with school/program staff to set ambitious and attainable growth goals for students within a cohort.

Our Programs


Target Audience: School Administration, Teachers Grades 9-12

Course Length: 3 hours

Develop and implement a plan for ACT preparation. Create pacing guides, lesson plans, and assessments. The goal for this session is to develop a school-wide plan to implement that will give students routine exposure to high stakes assessments.


Target Audience: Teachers Grades 6-10

Course Length: 3 hours

Examine the results of the Pre-ACT. Using the results of this analysis, the teachers will create individualized student remediation/enrichment plans to ensure that all areas of persistent weaknesses are addressed before the administration of the ACT.

Improving School Culture and Climate

Target Audience: District Administrators/School Administrators

Course Length: 3 hours

During this session, principals, assistant principals, or aspiring administrators will benefit from interactive participation with a focus on how to successfully be the Lead Learner to improve culture and climate.

Classroom Management

Target Audience: Teachers Grades K-12

Course Length: 3 hours

There is a direct correlation between student behavior and achievement. For students to engage deeply with content, the classroom environment must be orderly. In a productive classroom, standards of conduct are clear to students; they know what they are permitted to do, and what they can expect of their classmates. Even when their behavior is being corrected, students should feel respected. In this course, you will explore key elements of behavior management and examine a positive support system that will help you manage and empower your students. During this session, new and veteran teachers will benefit from assistance with classroom design, classroom rules, policies, and procedures. There will be a focus on the importance of being consistent, organized, and structured in teaching style. Purposeful and intentional instruction has a direct effect on student discipline.

Interpreting and Using Assessment Results in Data Meetings

Target Audience: Administrators and Teachers

Course Length: 3 hours

Interpreting and using assessment results for data meetings facilitate a team of teachers in analyzing data of individual classes, teachers, and students. The data reports are used to determine strengths, weaknesses, and trends. Reports are then used to develop “next steps” and an action plan. Instructional strategies and activities are developed that will be used to improve student performance.

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