A college education is one of the most certain avenues into the middle class for impoverished American youth. MIT economist David Autor claims that, even in a climate of college debt, "the rising return on postsecondary education" is the single most important factor determining financial success (MIT News, 2014).

 College Admissions Made Possible (CAMP) empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to get to college. In 2017-18, CAMP reached more than 427 high school students at 9 schools across Alabama with college access services. We helped middle schoolers develop college going mindsets while boosting academic achievement. We delivered powerful math and reading interventions to over 80 urban elementary students. Our expertise with college access provides insight and urgency for our continuing work with younger students. Research based approaches developed with elementary students are now informing our work with older students. CAMP is committed to changing the trajectory of students’ lives all long the education pipeline

Would you join us? Together we can help break the cycle of generational poverty and empower hundreds of students to create better futures for themselves and their communities!

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