College Compass

College Compass engages high school students through four core services: workshops that deliver a road map of the college-admissions process, counseling for vital one-on-one admissions advice, ACT test preparation courses to maximize scoring potential, and college fairs and tours to explore campuses and identify a credible pool of potential schools. The powerful combination of these four core services empowers our students with the knowledge, credentials, and confidence to gain access to the college or university of their choice.

What we do at College Compass

ACT Prep

Pre-ACT testing



College and Career Advising Workshops

Time Management

Study Skills

Professional Development

High School Transition

Financial Aid & Scholarship Success

College Tours and Fairs

Facilitating in and out-of-state college tours

Facilitating Trips to out-of-state National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Fairs

Hosting and Participating in the Birmingham NACAC


Provide professional college counselors’

Create college access plans

College application process

Standardized testing

Scholarship application

Selecting a major

Selecting a college