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College Admissions Made Possible (CAMP) provides intensive college admissions assistance for low-income and minority students. CAMP’s program is unique in many ways, particularly the fact that parents' involvement is our number one priority. Working with parents has been shown to be vital in providing appropriate college admissions counseling to students.

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Better Colleges Failing to Lure Talented Poor


For link to the original New York Times Post click here. Better Colleges Failing to Lure Talented Poor By DAVID LEONHARDT March 16, 2013 Most low-income students who have top test scores and grades do not even apply to the nation’s best colleges,

Senior To Do List: Scholarships


Summer = time off right? Wrong. For rising seniors, summer is the perfect time to compile a list of scholarships, determine the deadlines, and create a plan for how and when you will apply for them. Be sure to document what is required for each application, so you are not caught rushing to get letters of recommendation at the last minute. Here's a short list to help you get started.

All students should definitely take advantage of having the privilege to participate in the CAMP program. The instructors are patient and willing to go through any problem step by step plus they surely know what they are talking about! CAMP helped increase my ACT score by a total of 5 points. I am truly grateful!

- Jaylun Robinson

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